Mounting artwork, especially works on paper, forms a key part of the framing process.

We only use conservation grade materials, so that the artwork is kept in a stable, protective environment

For traditional works on paper a Window Mount is an essential element, both aesthetic and protective. Also called a Passe-Partout or Mat, the mount-board window forms a frame within the frame and keeps the glass away from the surface of the artwork.

Some artwork looks beautiful Float Mounted. With this technique the artwork is raised away from the backboard on a thin platform and 'floats' with a gap around the edge of the frame. These frames are fitted with spacers to lift the glass away from the artwork, forming a box frame. The sense of space within the frame gives a very contemporary feel, and spacers are often used in conjunction with other kinds of mounting.

Dry Mounting seals artwork permanently to a substrate, for example mount board or foam board. Though useful for mounting posters or creased artwork, Dry Mounting is not reversible and because of that is not an archival process. Our large press is able to dry mount onto Acid Free Foamboard, MDF and Conservation and Museum Mountboard.

Modern glass has transformed the the aesthetics of framing, and should be considered as deeply as any other element. We have various glazing options, from standard 2mm float glass to UV light filtering, anti-reflective Museum glass. The type of glass used depends on the size, type of art and vulnerability to light.

Our state-of-the-art Gunnar computerised mount cutter allows us to create bespoke mounts quickly and with incredible accuracy.