Exhibition Frames

Store Street Framing is proud to present our Exhibition Frame range - a selection of pre-finished moulding aimed at galleries, dealers and exhibiting artists.

Focused on the volume market, these frames are extremely competitively priced and all held in stock for quick turnaround. Please call us for further details.

Pre-finished Frames

From commercially produced quality moulding made in the UK and abroad we select styles that compliment our hand-made finishes.

These moulding give a consistent finish that works well for many kinds of artwork.

Using skilled cutting and joining techniques our framers can give excellent results and the production time is significantly shorter.

We always keep a wide range in stock and they provide a quick and often economic solution for many kinds of artwork.

For posters, prints, certificates and gifts, pre-finished mouldings will give you the frame you need.


Pre-finished Frames Store Street Framing

Cutting moulding on the Morso saw, prior to joining